Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Robotic Bird Control

We are still working on commercializing the patented technology we licensed from LSU AgCenter a few years ago. This is the project that got us interested in bird control in the first place. It involves a robotic boat that will patrol lakes and ponds with bird control in mind.  A good amount of progress has been made in the programming portion of the program over the last few weeks. We hope to have a system, which will be tethered, not autonomous, out for some tests runs in the next few weeks.
From there we will see what interest develops and proceed to work on the fully autonomous and/or remote controlled versions. We already have computer hardware and software lined up for autonomous navigation, which will be Arduino based. We have a hardware (motors, remote controller) platform on the drawing board.
I ran across a interesting article covering the South Korean bird scaring robot that has been in development by their military. What do you think about that system? Lots of development $ went into that system for sure....